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Sword Dance - Bree and Sonya

Sword Dance - Bree and Sonya

Photo By Bella Rouge. 

"Zingara!" 8th August 2015
Frame Drum Dance

Frame Drum Dance

Photo by Heath Wild
Written, Choreographed and Produced
by Sonya Manzalini

Saturday 8th August 2015
2pm & 8pm

"Zingara!" is an innovative narative dance production
based on the life a gypsy dancer. The dance tells the story of life's joys and sorrows.
From Child to Elder, 
from sunset to sunset, the story unfolds through dance, drumming, beautiful costumes and amazing women.

Praise for "Zingara!"

"All aspects of Zingara! were impressive - the overall concept, the dancing, the costuming, and the drumming. 
I enjoyed listening to the three drummers and the group of dancers with the frame drums was a special treat."

"What a great performance - mesmerising!
Such an amazing feast of colours and movements - don't miss the evening show if you were lucky enough to get tickets,
come early if you don't have yours yet!
(We got two of the last tickets for the afternoon performance!)
Thank you to all the dancers, musicians and those behind the scenes for putting on this wonderful performance for us"

"Such an inspirational, emotional journey you and the Dance Of Life took me on last night at Zingara, Sonya Manzalini.
Loved every second of it!"

"Congratulations Sonya, you did Newcastle proud! Zingara was amazing - so inspiring, so colourful, full of amazing performers and artistic talent.
Loved every bit!"


Thanks to everyone who attended and contributed to "ZINGARA!"

Special thanks to:
Shaunie P Music
Dean Winter
David Grinstead

Our wonderful cast of
dancers and drummers.

And our sponsors:
Wallsend Veterinary Hospital
Mark Walsh Horticultural Services
Laughlin Building Services
One Pickett Fence
Palmer Realty
Rankin Ellison Lawyers
Barrio 2304
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Lama Bada

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Sonya and Shaun
Sword Dance

Sword Dance

Sonya and Bree
Double Veil Dance

Double Veil Dance

Nadine -
Images by Bella Rouge Photography

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